Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Fallout 3 LARP Again

I've been thinking about Fallout 3 LARP again after a friend sent me a Google translated webpage with more images and some commentary:

As in all good things, God is in the details and I particularly like the use of computers and the other tech items. Hopefully the laptops actually have a version of the password hacking that features in the game. The most annoying thing in LARP for me is the time-wasting tasks that are in place to simulate things like armour repair and crafting.

If you're Science skill isn't high enough to work up your own Robco Industries Terminal, Chis @ Geek Weekly has some ideas for making couple of simple FO3 props1:

Of course if you are felling more adventurous take a look at Greg Aronowitz's Barnyard FX webpage for some advice of how to make that Ghoul make-up PIP-Boy perfect2.

1 A Repair skill of 20+ is all that is required.
2 WARNING: May cause Severe Radiation Poisoning.

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  1. Nice ghoul mask and FO items, FO3 has really made the fallout series popular. I wonder if anyone was a fallout fan before iut came out apart from me :)


  2. I do remember the original games, but that was only playing-by-proxy. I've certainly spent more hours on FO3 than all the other games put together.