Sunday, 20 January 2013

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Monday, 17 August 2009


The Sprite Stitch blog has some very cool images of a Nintendo themed room:

With Donkey Kong shelving and a NES Controller coffee table this place is Super Sweet. But much like the Star Wars themed cinema and that Star Trek flat it's the sort of Geek fantasy that is fine to dream of but would feel wrong for anyone over the age of thirteen.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Fallout 3 LARP Again

I've been thinking about Fallout 3 LARP again after a friend sent me a Google translated webpage with more images and some commentary:

As in all good things, God is in the details and I particularly like the use of computers and the other tech items. Hopefully the laptops actually have a version of the password hacking that features in the game. The most annoying thing in LARP for me is the time-wasting tasks that are in place to simulate things like armour repair and crafting.

If you're Science skill isn't high enough to work up your own Robco Industries Terminal, Chis @ Geek Weekly has some ideas for making couple of simple FO3 props1:

Of course if you are felling more adventurous take a look at Greg Aronowitz's Barnyard FX webpage for some advice of how to make that Ghoul make-up PIP-Boy perfect2.

1 A Repair skill of 20+ is all that is required.
2 WARNING: May cause Severe Radiation Poisoning.

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Monday, 10 August 2009

Homemade Iron Man Armour

Now like the Brotherhood armour the other week, this is FRAKIN EXCELLENT!

I would give my hind repulsors to have the time and the skill to make something like this. I've made plenty of fancy dress outfits and my own leather armour for LARP but this will likely always be a pipe dream.

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Monday, 3 August 2009

Bang vs Gadge

Monday night is now Geek Night for British TV as the Beeb's new Tomorrows World for the You Tube era show Bang Goes the Theory attempts to steal the faithful from the veteran that is FIVE's The Gadget Show.

Review | BBC1 | Mondays 19:30-20:00

Bang Goes the Theory is the new kid on the TV block. At a lean 30-minutes it slips in before the old veteran with an episode in-hand and a half-an-hour earlier time slot.

This weeks 2nd show features edible insects (less environmentally damaging than livestock), how-to blow up bin bags (not in the exciting/explosive way though), the search for M-class planets (all scientists base their research on Star Trek: FACT) and a water powered jetpack (which looks more fun than that MJ one).

There's a good mix in the presenters - the enthusiastic engineer, the nerdy scientist, the sexy biochemist and the Gadget Show deserter alumni - each with their own area interest - building crazy stuff, try-at-home science, explaining science and exploring technology.

The show has a definite cool science teacher feel about it with its mix of entertaining but educational bite-sized pieces of science and technology but it's just that variety that lets it down; half-an-hour is very little time to cover four different subjects in any depth.

In support, the web site does provide some Open University backed interactive features and links.

Review | FIVE | Mondays 20:00-21:00

The Gadget Show is now in its 12th series and this year staged a live show/gadget convention at the Birmingham NEC. It's a full hour (or 40-minutes or so minus the ads) from 8 and will be with us until the end of the year.

This weeks episode compares i-Phone-a-likes in NYC, looks at robotic penguins in Germany and builds a remote-control/teleprescence Landrover to race banger cars. And the cherry? The competition to win 160 gadgets worth £24k!

The Gadget Shows' presenters Jason The Game Bradbury, Suzi Sexy Perry, Jon The Godfather Bentley are essentially the royalty of geek TV in Britain. Supported by the go-to guy Ortis and Dionne covering the web-front there's plenty of talent to cover everything from novelty office toys to cutting edge robotics and still leave time for the weekly challenge road testing the latest gadgets and electronics; usually to destruction.

Whereas BGTT tries to educate while entertaining, TGS informs and entertains. Watching the reviews and comparisons feels useful, it provides you with practical knowledge you can use to fill your man-bag or Geek-pad, while still keeping you up-to-date with the latest super-science and cutting edge tech.

Plus TGS's web site is vast, containing 100s of mini-reviews, best-buy guides and blogs published between shows; even when it's off the air.

So The Gadget Show is still king and queen of British Geek TV but Bang Goes the Theory is virtually a new born so I'm not giving up on it yet. Besides there's plenty of space for both on my DVR.

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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Tron Legacy

Preview | Due: 2010 | Disney

Good things always come from Comic Con and Tron Legacy is a VERY good thing.

Tron was the film from the early 80's that even though CGI was in its infancy, with a little florescent paint and a lot of vision, made you believe in an artificially created world. One that wouldn't be surpassed until the Matrix upgrade it 17-years later.

Here Legacy takes all the CGI leaps and bounds of the last two decades to upgrade Tron to version 2.0; retaining its unique look and adding a dark edge. With the original Kevin Flynn returning and Bruce Boxleitner rumoured to be following suit, I have high hopes for this.

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Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Matrix Runs on Windows

Take the red pill. Get the blue screen. That possibly explains my laptops erratic behaviour; recreational drug use.

I suspect that if the real Martix wasn't made on Macs this would be eerily similar to the first draft of the script.

The SFX and production are excellent on this, considering it is only a comedy short, as well as the script and performances so make sure you check out the other Geek humour shorts like Web Side Story.

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Friday, 24 July 2009

Twitter Three

This weeks follow suggestions:

@williamshatner - Needs NO introduction!
@Microsoft_Xbox - News and updates from the Xbox 360 team.
@RockstarGames - New and upadtes from Rockstar Games, makers of Grand Theft Auto.

This week @maycontaingeeks:

#StarTrek DS9 - The Alternate = 2Gs for condescending father figures, Odo the Fun Slime special effects and a suspiciously Dax.

#StarTrek DS9 - Armageddon Game = 3Gs for the start of Julian/Miles bromance, a harsh/logical way to prevent WMDs & coffee in the afternoon.

#StarTrek DS9 - Whispers = 3Gs for 2nd dose of Colm Meaney, suspicious friends and more coffee "Double strong, double sweet".

#StarTrek DS9 - Paradise = 3Gs for the 3rd Chief O'Brien in a row, space Amish and Sisko in the 'hot box'.

#StarTrek TNG - Bloodlines = 3Gs for sons found and lost, those damn Ferengi and "never looking at your hairline the same way again".

#StarTrek TNG - Peemptive Strike = 2 Gs for Ro <3s Picard & old men who have exactly the same history as your dad.

#DoctorWho (9th) - World War Three = 2 Gs for farting aliens, blowing up Downing Street & a promise of a Golden Age that will never come.

#StarTrek TNG - All Good Things (Pt.1) - 5 Gs for Picard back and forth, old friends & the trial that never ended.

#StarTrek TNG - All Good Things (Pt.2) - 5 Gs the future enterprise, for the unknown possibilities of existence and one last game of poker.

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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Halo 3: ODST

Preview | Price: £34.99 | Due: 22/09/09 | Xbox 360 | Bungie/Microsoft

I'm a big fan of Halo 3 now even though I wasn't interested at all at first. I've never been a big fan of FPS games, as I prefer story over shooting, so my first experience was playing four-screen multiplayer on a friends version during our regular Tuesday Geek-night. A couple of games in and I was hooked.

Even then it was only the social play I was interested in. When I bought my own Xbox and copy of the game it was just to play Rocket Ball with my mates. At a loose end one night, I decided to try the single player mission. The next thing I know, I had finished without really understanding half of what had happened.

It's because of that I very glad to hear about Nathan Fillion appearing as Sgt Buck in Halo 3's sequel ODST. Not that I wouldn't be glad to see the Firefly star in anything, but I think this is a sign that narrative in ODST will go above and beyond what we saw in its predecessor. Another good sign is the games broken storyline, with play split between the main, starting character and playable flashbacks as other members of you squad.

Still not sold? What about the news that the game ships with a second disc featuring all the multiplayer maps from Halo 3, including those released as DLCs, plus three brand new ones as well as a standalone version of the multiplayer game.

Get ready to dance in Sep 09.

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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Show me the way to San Diego...

San Diego Comic-Con kicks off today. SDCC is one of THE biggest events in the Geek calendar, along with Gen Con and E3 Expo.

Don't let the Comic part of the title, now that we Geeks rule the entertainment world SDCC is were all the big film and TV people go to pimp their new wares.

Don't take my word for it though, let Kevin Clerks' Smith tell you about five his coolest encounters at SDCC: Part 1 and Part 2.

Sadly I won't be there, so I suggest you follow the latest news with me @:

Comic Book Resources News

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