Monday, 29 June 2009

The Perfect Home Cinema?

Some useful, if basic, hints from Sky Movies on how to create The Perfect Home Cinema. I would have preferred a few more specifics and technical details, viewing distances and room dimensions are the only ones here, considering What Hi-Fi? was involved.

Still this reminds me of a dream I posted about a couple of years ago:

A while ago I dreamt that I had build a cinema in a shed in my back garden. As I live in a 2nd floor flat this was my first clue that it was a dream. The shed was large like a Scout hut and the dream was full of practical details; I had put a lot of effort into blacking out the place, choosing the right mix of seating and setting up a digital projector.

Of course it wasn't the Geek-fest created in the Star Wars cinema below or in the same league as Dan and Nicole Chilton when they built their own real-life cinema, but it was a nice dream...

Since I wrote that post Dan & Nicole are now on Moxie II and the only addiction to my cinema is a big leather settee. Still there's always the Gadget Show competition...

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