Monday, 15 June 2009

Captain America Reborn #1

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Bryan Hitch
Released: 01/07/2009
4 Gs

All true Geeks know the film rule; if you don't see the body then the character is not dead. In comics, even if you see the body no-one stays dead forever.

Today Marvel announced that this July's Reborn limited series will feature the return of the first and true Captain America; Steve Rogers. Are we surprised? Not at all, we have been waiting for this day since issue #25.

Brubaker and Hitch have both rejuvenated the character in their own ways. Brubaker showing that Rogers could be a believable soldier and hero in a post-9/11 world when he started the current series and Hitch added a level of reality to the other-world version of Cap, and fellow Avengers, during his Ultimates series that is on par with the movie re-styling of Blade.

Cap will always have a special place in my Geek heart. The first real comics I remember buying were tatty, old second-hand issues of The Invaders from a local market stall, so I will be counting the days until this issue hits the shelves.

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