Thursday, 25 June 2009

Torchwood: Children of Men

Preview | On: BBC1 06/07 9pm | BBC

I know. I know. Torch-meh!

Like every other Whovian, while I genuinely enjoy the new generation of family oriented Doctor Who, I miss the darker edge of some of the older episodes. Who can forget Peter Davison hacking Adric's gold badge in to the heart of the Cyber Leader.

So when the BBC announced they would creating a spin-off series targeting an adult audience and featuring Captain Jack Harkness I couldn't wait. Of course, what I got was stories with a cast of character who's emotions and libidos were set to random.

Now we are on the eve on the new episodes the question is as always: Is it worth another chance? The trailer looks like it adds some new characters, replacing those killed off last season, and has a vague Children of the Damned feel. Jack dying. Gwen looking miserable. A lot of Spooks-esque running around. I'm not overly impressed.

The main change is in the format however. Instead of the usual 13-episode series of individual tales we are now presented with a five-part story. This could make the difference, Torchwood like The Bill has struggled between two genres. The Bill drifting between soap and drama, changed to a two-part story structure to reinforce the drama aspects.

Hopefully the change in Torchwood format will save it from the adolescent action-soap it was make it into the sci-fi for adults we are all waiting for.

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