Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers

Preview/Demo | Price: 800 MSPs | Xbox Live / Wizards of the Coast

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I was never one of the Magic crowd. Sure I tried the game with every other geek when it was first released; I bought a couple of decks and boosters but was put off my the exponential increasing complexity of the rules and the sheer number of cards. But the final nail in my M:TG coffin was the killer decks that the uber-players could construct; essentially turning was should be an entertaining card game into 60-seconds of ass-whupping.

This demo I like though. Well laid out and attractively designed, with a nifty card zoom so you can see every detail, it feel like playing a proper card and table game. No need to collect and construct your killer deck here either, the demo features two-decks, a red fire deck or a green creatures deck, and two AI opponents to play them against, Chandra Nalaarand her (playable) red fire deck or Elspeth Tirel and her white flying deck.

With the Y button to confirm actions and the X button to freeze time you get a good control over the flow of the game. The full game will include 16-opponents, 8-decks, bonus cards, Xbox Live play and the obligatory achievements. Plus there's a two-player co-op game I haven't had chance to try. Sure the sound effects get a little grating after a couple of games but this is definitely tempting me to spend the 800 MSPs to unlock the full version.

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