Monday, 20 July 2009

The Doctors New Clothes

The first look at Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor and his new companion Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan.

Maryann Johanson writes:

Looks like David Tennant’s 10th Doctor geek chic has been exchanged for... what? Nerd chic?

I concur. Smith is dressed like a geography teacher from the '70s but with Doc Martins added. A hidden punk element or couldn't BBC costumes find some brown brogues in his size? And a bow tie? Not even Jimmy Olsen could pull that one off in the 21st Century!1

This brings up my other concern about new Doctor/series: age2. I was very enthusiastic when I heard that Steven Moffat was taking over as show runner, after all he wrote THE BEST single episode since the shows return, but Smith is 26 and Gillan is 21.

Now, I have no doubt about their acting skill, Smith was excellent in Party Animals, but a young lead and an younger assistant aims the show at a younger audience and as one of 30+ viewers I think the family focus of the new seasons have hindered some of the episodes. Taking off that dark edge that made us hide behind the sofa.

Filming has started now, so I guess we'll find out if the clothes and the man make it in 2010.

1 - Is this look in anyway connected the John Smith circa Human Nature/The Family of Blood story?
2 - I know. Discussing age in Doctor Who is a bit of a joke in itself.

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