Monday, 20 July 2009

Is there a Doctor in the Wasteland?

Slobberblood write in his blog:

Ok, it’s almost impossible, I’m trying to be the 15th Doctor, yes I know, don’t say it...
I’m trying to RPG The Doctor in the wasteland, using tons of mods I have access to upgrading my character to a high level, only picking skills that the Doctor would have.

A great idea, I've always characterised the choices my Fallout character have made, but I have to agree with that first sentence. I guess from his use of mods that he is playing the PC version and I don't have a problem with tweeking the costume or adding a follower, but a squad of Scape Marines? That brings me back to the impossible issue.

Slobberbllood says "The true challenge is NOT killing people", surely being followed around by a group of heavily armoured and armed solders defeats the point of being a pacifist? He could limit his offensive actions to using the Mesmetron but still the Wastelend is a very deadly place and probably not even the Doctor could save.

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  1. Playing the Doctor in Fallout 3 is difficult to say the least, but you can play him if you go with the old Tom Baker state of mind. Tom, my favorite Doctor was not really a pacifist. He would sword fight, duel, and destroy if he had too. My Doctor tries to not kill, but sometimes you have to make hard choices… BTW my Space Marines don’t kill, the mod I use lets me take prisoner and transported back to my base… Thanks for the read
    Aka Slobberblood