Friday, 3 July 2009


Review | FREE | Writer: Warren Ellis | Artist: Paul Duffield | Avatar Press

Like the poster says, a group of twenty-somethings with psychic-powers living in a flooded London and looking after their fellow survivors; both from the elements and other rival communities.

Post-apocalyptic Britain, psychic powers, steampunk, swearing, shagging and violence. Everything you expect from the forward-thinking Mr Ellis. Here he mixes his realistic vision of a world post-environmantaly desaster with a little psy-fi and tech-magic. Teamed with Paul Duffield's clean and details art, he creates a world which, despite its futuristic powers and technology, takes a step back so the enigmatic FreakAngels and tale of human survival can take center stage.

FreakAngels is now 69 issues in but this week is a skip week, were Mr Duffield take the opportunity to describe how the comic is created, and start from the beginning.

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