Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Needs and Wants

Tom Endo write about the need for game merchandise in The Escapist:

If you've been a gamer long enough chances are you've stumbled upon or been tempted to purchase some sort of gaming related merchandise. Maybe it was the Halo cat helmet or a Solid Snake statue.

We've all been there; I've spent the last six-couple of months stalking Fallout 3 Bobbleheads on eBay and who hasn't wanted one of those life-sized statues they have in the Game stores?1

My OCD2 has taken many forms over my 30+ years on Sol 3. I've collected stamps, CCGs, marbles, comics, Star Trek videos, RPGs, books and various kinds of multi-coloured figurines. Most of these things serve no practical purpose, even the things with uses like the books and RPGs spend most of their time gathering dust on a shelf or hibernating at the bottom of a box.

Still there is a need to have these objects of desire. Take this for example:

It's a preview of an amazingly detailed Batman figurine due out next year and it's wonderful. What would I do with it? No idea, it's not like I actually play with toys anymore. Do I want it? Oh yes!

You could argue that at least the figurine has aesthetic value and can be used for as a display object, but what about this?

I've been planning on buying the Batman: Arkham Asylum game for the Xbox 360 since I saw the first video play throughs but when I found out that the HMV collectors edition comes with a Batarang my want turned to need. Do I plan on waging a war on crime with this Bat-themed weapon? No. Do I have any use for it? No.

Do I want it? No, but I need it.

1 - Not that anyone has anywhere practical/socially acceptable to display it.
2 - Obsessive Collection Disorder. Write it down!

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